Orée introduces marble wireless charging pebble and wooden touch pad

OreeDesignsOrée announced on Thursday, September 12, 2013 that they are expanding their suits of products. The new products they launched includes wooden touch slab (or touch pad), and wireless power pebble.

Orée is a French Company that combines both technology and craftsmanship together in making their products. This has been demonstrated in their newly launched products.

The wireless power pebble charges any Qi compatible charging device like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 5 using their own charging sleeves. It comes in both marble and wood and has a beautiful red or white colour. The power pebble cost about 110€ and the wooden wireless power sleeve cost 90€. 

The other product which is the wooden touch slab also called a touch pad is used as both touch pad and numeric keyboard. This touch pad compliments their wooden keyboard, it can be used in place of it. The wooden touch pad is available in maple and walnut at a cost of 150€. Shipments of this products is due by September 21, 2013.

Orée have been quite successful in most countries like Japan, US, and France, due to their new products that is been rolled out.


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