Samsung Unveils the Classy Galaxy Note 3 with Premium Warranty in Nigeria

Galaxy-Note-3-The Electronics company, Samsung has recently unveiled its latest device, Galaxy Note 3 to the Nigerian market here in Lagos. They believe bringing the product to Nigeria will help boost their sales.

The Director of Handheld products at Samsung in West Africa, Emmanouil Revmatas, spoke at the launching of the Galaxy Note 3 here in Lagos. He described the premium service as part of Samsung’s efforts at providing an easy life for consumers and they having worry-free life.

He also said, “With the original ADH warranty, our consumers got to take their Samsung Galaxy S4 for no-money and no-questions asked repairs for screen and liquid damage, not once but twice during the first two years of the life of their device. For the Galaxy Note 3, we have upgraded the service. With the Samsung Premium warranty, instead of two repair claims, users of the device will now get two instant phone replacements over the 24-month warranty period, at no extra charge. This is a world first from Samsung. It represents our commitment to anticipating the needs of our consumers and providing them with superior service towards making their lives worry-free.”

The process of getting the premium service for your Samsung device is as follow,

– Get your Samsung device

-Download and Install the Samsung premium from the Samsung Apps store or Google play on your device.

-Once you are a registered member and device gets damaged,  you can take your device to any authorized Samsung service center.

-Using the app, Consumers can also track warranty start dates and claims status.

Galaxy S series and the Note device series are the Premium Samsung devices presently, it will be available on the Galaxy Note 3 and subsequent release of the Samsung devices. The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy gear is said to be available for purchase at any accredited Samsung stores.

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