Smartphones with Larger Screen Have Their Side Effect : Uses More Data

large screen smartphoneThe bigger the screen, the more tempting the activities done on larger smartphones. Most people with a larger screen smartphone now do most things on the smartphone, like watching movies, check latest happenings on social sites, visit heavy sites like you-tubes and downloads a lot of apps.

This amount to an increase in the usage of data on the larger screen smartphone, from the research in the United States. They found out that people using a 4.5 inch and larger smartphone uses about 44% more data compared to smaller smartphones. The popular apps that larger screen smartphone users have include, Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, Amazon and Pandora.

For larger smartphones, they use an average of 7.2 gigabytes of data in a month and for smaller smartphones use close to 5 gigabytes data a month.

In the mobile market today, larger smartphones have increased from 11% of last year to about 28% this year. Concurrently the data usage has also increased by 11%. This means if the larger smartphones are increased in the market, then the use of data will be increased which brings more market to data providers.

It is advised that current large smartphone users should make do with wireless connections to save them from using more data to do heavy streaming.

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