Smartwatch That Helps Parents Track Their Child’s Location

A smartwatch producer, FiLIP, launched a new smartwatch that helps parents tract the location of their kids. Parents can easily keep track of their child’s location and can also call them to be sure they are safe.

About five numbers can be programmed into the smartwatch by the parents or guardian, the kids can call any of these numbers if necessary, this can be done with the touch of a button on the smartwatch.

For parents access to the smartwatch, they need to get the FiLIP app. With this app the child’s location can be tracked, calls can be put through to the child, send texts and set “SafeZones” around a specific locations.

You can get the FiLIP smartwatch for $199.99 and the FiLIP app can be downloaded from iPhone and Android.

The FiLIP smartwatch has a simple interface, it has two buttons. One of the buttons has a bright red colour, the child can make call by pressing this button. If no one responds to the first call, then the other four people are called. Also location of the child is sent as a notification to the first contact saved on the watch. While the child awaits, FiLIP plays a relaxing melody for the child.

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