If You Want To Improve, You Need To Know Where You Stand

Occasionally, you might want to find out how your business is performing online. The strength of your brand is important, and you should always be looking for new ways to boost your reputation. Whether that’s a shift in your business model or a new way of interacting with customers. If you want to see how your business is performing on the online market and what type of reach you have, there are several steps you can take.

Online Analytics

You can use a form of online analysis such as . Using software such as this, you can keep track of the buzz surrounding your business online. You might find that there are new reviews of your company on different social sites. Or, there could be people talking about your business through Twitter and Facebook. Information such as this can incredibly useful. It will help you better charter future steps your company should take to build up your profile.

Ask Them, They’ll Tell You

For a less scientific approach, you can opt to obtain direct feedback about your business. Online, this is a simple process of interacting directly with your customers. A direct but unobtrusive way to do this would be through the use of social media profiles such as Twitter. You can send customers a message and wait for them to respond. Or, you can send out an open message to all your followers and see how many responses you get. There is a negative to this type of feedback, and that is you’re more than likely going to get a few trolls. If you can ignore these comments and roll with the punches, you’ll still get constructive feedback about your business.

Alternatively, you may want to setup an online survey. You can send out an online survey, using the mailing list for your customers. Don’t be too surprised if responses are limited. Most people don’t have time to respond or regard mail like this as junk. If you want to encourage responses, you need to reward participation. Something as simple as a money-off voucher for your online store might get them to bite.

Room From Improvement

You may want to examine whether there is room for improvement in specific areas such as your website. With your website, you can perform an A-B test. A-B test is a simple method of changing things on the site to see whether they have an effect on market performance. If you change a small thing, you might be surprised by the difference in sales. You would be amazed at how little things can affect whether people buy. In the past marketers have found that the color of buy now buttons has an impact.

Check Out Your Competition

Are you missing a trick? Perhaps there’s something that your competition are doing that you are not. Due to this, they are claiming some of your customers. There’s no harm in learning from their successes and building parts of your brand based on that. For instance, they may have found a new way to engage customers and encourage UGC.

I hope you find these tips helpful for getting a check on where you are in the market.

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