ZImbabwe-born entreprenuer becomes youngest RST Licence Holder

The high-tech Swiss company Ricochet Satelite Technology (RST) has announced its new
licenece holders and practitioners from the period of 2015 – 2022, with all continents
represented by exceptionally experienced candidates that were selected from a pool of 80000

Zimbabwe-born Dr Chiedza Kambasha a seasoned entreprenuer becomes Africa’s most sought
after experienced strategist /consultant at US$15000 per hour, her expertise are predominantly
with high-networth clients and national development programs for governments
(RST) Ricochet Satelite Technology has been at the forefront of cutting edge 5D and Radar
Satelite Technology designed by German engineers and Swiss/British scientists , 2016 is
expected to be the year in which governments and conglomerates are able to expand
operations across Mining, Agriculture, Education, Energy and Healthcare using the latest
technology towards value addition and builiding equity while growing a sustainable base and a
great (ROI) Return on Investment. In mining nations will be in a position to quantify and explore
mineral reserves with precision and cut costs which usually rise into billions of dollars. Africa is
represented by Dr Chiedza Kambasha who becomes the youngest and first practitioner of
african descent to hold the world-class licence.
Australia is represented by Matthew Gosford Miller with Asia represented by Mr Lee-Hong mae
Jin Ping Europe by Mrs Louis Brackenbury and the America’s by Professor Madison Hasso

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