19-Year Old Computer Scientist Pleads Guilty of “Sextortion” on Miss Teen USA – Cassidy Wolf

SextortionJames Jarred Abraham, a 19-year old computer scientist has confessed that he is guilty of hacking into females computers through their webcam. Jarred got Cassidy Wolf’s nude pictures by hacking into her system and then takes nude pictures of her without her knowing.

He has done the same for several girls and women, after taking their nude pictures without their knowledge, he sends it to them and threaten to make it go life if they do not respond to his requests. Abraham’s request from these people is one of the following: reply with more naked photographs, a naked video or go on a webcam chat with him for five minutes and do what he told them.

“I hacked several girls’ computers and, using their webcams, took photos of them when they weren’t aware,” Abrahams said.

Most of those that he threatened, some give in to his request and some don’t, but Cassidy Wolf refused to yield to his request and she went to report the case to the police.

When he saw that Cassidy didn’t respond, Abrahams later posted a naked photo of the beauty queen online and is reported to have sent her a message saying: “Your dream of being a model will be transformed into a porn star.”

Abraham has now been charged to court. In court he pleaded guilty and he will likely be sentenced 11 years imprisonment by March, next year and also a fine of about $1 million.

He told the judge that he has autism, and has been under treatment for the past 10 years. His lawyer is trying to use his ailment to plead with the judge, that part of his acts may due to the ailment.

“The social disorder had, certainly, a part in it,” said Eisner (Abraham’s lawyer). “Again, I say that not to blame the conduct on anything, not to make an excuse for the conduct, but that’s part of the full picture.”

Though this not the first time this is happening, some other people have been arrested for similar acts. It is advised for those with webcams on your systems should try and disable their webcam when it is not in use.

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