Apple Aims To Control Your Home With Location Based Technology Using Your iPhone

Apple controls your homeHave you ever imagine that one day there will be a technology whereby you get home and your door to the garage opens automatically for you or your lights in the house comes on and then the oven heats up for you to prepare dinner base simply on your location.

Well, this is not far-fetched because Apple is working on a technology whereby all gadgets in your home is connected to your iPhone and the iPhone passes a message across to the gadgets based on your present location.

This is the future suggested by Apple patents on Tuesday. The patent describes a “system and method of determining location of wireless communication devices for controlling/adjusting operation of devices based on the location.”

Your iPhone will actually be controlling a lot of gadgets and you can also customise the system to perform certain tasks. Apple system does not require you buying a new set of Wi-Fi enabled gadgets, any of your gadget that can connect to the ethernet or a USB device can be controlled via this means.

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