Skype To Stop Desktop API By December

Skype-logo1Skype API for Desktop has been available  since the year 2004 and it supported so many third-party hardware devices. But Skype has announced that these APIs won’t be available any longer come December,2013.

Skype is now available on almost all devices like the Smartphones and tablets and these devices do not support Skype third-parties. They then made the decision to unify their application functions across these devices, so Skype is following after the trend which is mobile.

According to Skype, “We’ve been working hard to develop new technologies and make improvements that will benefit Skype users across all platforms, especially on mobile devices,” the company wrote on its website. “These changes will significantly improve the call quality and speed of delivery of instant messages, while retaining excellent battery life of mobile devices.”

It was made know that call-controls available on headsets cant be used again because it won’t work, but you can still make or receive calls with the headsets normally only with the buttons on Skype application



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