Attorney letter answers many questions about solvent trap gun cleaning equipment

Solvent traps are tools attached to the end of gun barrels and are designed to catch gun cleaning residue. The trap keeps the solvent, cleaning patches and powder residue from staining tables and floors.

Many gun enthusiasts are nervous about purchasing solvent tubes. A quick Youtube search will show anyone how, with a few simple tools, to convert a solvent trap to a Class III weapon. “You can turn a solvent tube cleaning kit into a silencer, or more correctly, a suppressor,” said Chris Barnes, owner of Solvent Trap.

Suppressors are one of the many weapons classified under the NFA Act of 1934. Originally written to convict the criminal element for violations, the NFA required a $200.00 tax payment to make or possess these certain weapons. “200 dollars in 1934 is the rough equivalent of 3,600 dollars today,” Barnes continued.

The penalty for possession of a Class III weapon without this necessary tax is a federal offense. This has many people very nervous about buying solvent tubes and kits. “There is nothing illegal about solvent tube cleaning kits,” said Barnes. The ATF, the government organization overseeing the Class III weapons, says a solvent tube cleaning kit cannot be classified as a weapon because a bullet cannot pass through the chamber. One of the two ends of a solvent tube is attached to the gun barrel with a threaded opening. The other is a solid cap, preventing leakage during cleaning. “The solvent trap is an accessory and is not governed under any federal law for ownership,” said Barnes.

Barnes recently consulted an attorney who specializes in NFA Trusts. The attorney sent a letter to Barnes answering questions and concerns about the legality of solvent tubes. The letter is now included on the website and is free for anyone to read. “Those videos have people nervous and rightly so to a small degree,” continued Barnes, “as long as the solvent tube owner does not, and I emphasize, does not make any modifications without a tax stamp, the trap is 100 percent legal.” Barnes sells complete solvent trap kits for all of the most popular calibers of firearms. Specific calibers, not currently on the site, can be available on specific request.

There is also a Whitepaper on the site. Visitors who receive the paper will be eligible for a $10.00 off coupon on any purchase from the site. Read the attorney letter, the FAQ or order at the websi

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