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Today’s smart phone puts more technology at fingertips than ever before, but this comes at a very steep cost.  The more apps and software a user runs, the faster the battery dies.  It is common to see some older model smart phones needing a recharge before noon on an average day.

The Impower external battery, available at, is the solution to a drained battery.  Sleek and stylish, this external battery boasts an impressive 11,000 mAh battery that can power even the most demanding smart phone user’s phone all day and still have charge remaining.

“We as a company are going to do nothing but talk about the positives of our products, so we turned to the honest reviews of to show how well our product works,” said Nadina Powers, owner of Impower.

Powers notes that does not screen or censor reviews from customers.  Each and every review provided represents the actual and honest opinions of purchases and not fabricated reviews and reviewers.  Potential customers can read these reviews before making an educated purchase.

For Impower’s part on their external charger, the reviews have all been five stars, the highest possible score available from reviews. shopper Thundergy said of the charger, “I used the two USB outputs to charge my iPad mini and Samsung Note 4 simultaneously and had no problems what so ever. This thing does draw attention and my friends were asking me about what it was. After finding out it was a power bank, it received many compliments.”

Another shopper, Voice Over Guy, had this to say about the charger, “The 11,000 mAh will definitely keep your phone or iPad charged all the way to Europe on a transatlantic flight, and with power to spare when you arrive.  So this will work for travel, and also for Emergency Preparedness. In a blackout situation where your location loses power but the cell towers are still operating, you can keep your smartphones charged and functioning, as well as your headlamps, flashlights, radios, and any other device that operates off 5V USB power.”

Reviews are not limited to  Jeff Gossman, reviewing on the Impower website, was able to charge an iPad and iPhone.  He said, in part, “Love 2 ports so I can charge my iPad and iPhone at the same time. I charged my iPad on a flight last night and still had over 75% of the charge left.”

More information, including pictures, additional reviews and ordering information is available at the website.  Visit to learn more, or go to the site to order at


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