Bid Ugly SmartWatches Goodbye; Replace With This Fashionable One

SmartwatchesMost women have found the available Smartwatches ugly, not fashionable and its rather too bulky for a female’s wrist, its also geek-centric in nature.

This problem has prompt two women in Atlanta to come up with a more fashionable Smartwatches now called smartbracelets for the women which is also called “MEMI”. Fashionable Smartbracelets are made by the women and for the women and its been marketed as smart bracelets.

The Smart bracelets does not have big screen like the Smartwatches but its connected to your smartphone and alerts you of important incoming call by silently vibrates on your wrist.

Using MEMI with an IOS app, users can specify the number of people she wants the device to alert her of, maybe your spouse, children or any family member. The device is Bluetooth connected and embedded in it is a USB charging dock.

MEMI costs $150 and its gradually flooding the market.

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