LG Loans SmartPhone To Developer Free of Charge

LG-LoanerLG launched a Loaner Program for developers about a week ago, this program is to to enhance developers to develop great apps and be able to deploy them to a LG device. An LG smartphone is given to any interested developer for a period of 30 days (a month).

A new software development kit is accompanied with the smartphone is the  the LG QRemote SDK, this launching took place at San Francisco. For a developer to get a LG smartphone, you follow these steps:  registration on the LG Device Loaner Program website (http://goo.gl/Xa7A3L), completion of a brief order form designating the desired LG device, and return shipping at the conclusion of the 30-day loan period.\

The only minor thing with this is that, the developer will pay for the cost of shipping the device back to LG. Aside this, the offer LG is making to developers is really a good one.

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