Build Robots Without the Knowledge of Programming

RobotsThis is the era of build-it-yourself, where you don’t have to go through some classes on programming to be able to do some things for yourself.

A company based in Boulder, Colorado named Modular Robotics came up with a robot building kits called, MOSS. This package allows you build your desired robots, no matter how complex it might be to you, based on your initiative or ideas you can build anything. You could decide to build a robots that will be a replica of you. This building kits will feature pieces that will let you build your robot without writing codes. This means you totally don’t need a knowledge of programming to build your desired robot.

Eric Schweikardt, the CEO and design Director at Modular Robotics said, “it’s trying to give kids education and exposure to these computational components without putting iup that barrier.”

There is an ongoing kickstarter campaign by Modular Robotics which should end by Dec 10, the campaign has raised tripled the original amount (goal) of $100,000. Its expected that delivery will commence by February 2014.

The company also plans to release an app that control these semi-autonomous creations. If you have the app downloaded, then the software would let you direct the robot from your smartphone or tablets.

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