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How Your Business Can Host the Ideal Annual Awards Night

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Many large businesses see great value in setting up an annual awards night. It’s a way for the management and employees to get together for a night and have a good time. It only happens once a year, so it’s worth making the most of. It can also help to show gratitude to the people who have done great work for you over the past year. In other words, it shows that the business values its employees and the effort they put in. Hosting this kind of awards night can be a big task when you have lots of employees though. Here’s how to do it properly.

Pick the Ideal Venue

First of all, you’ll need to think about where you are going to host the event. It should be somewhere that has adequate space and resources for you to host a fun night for everyone. If there is a local town hall that you can hire, this is a good option. Think about how many people are likely to turn up and ensure that you can fit enough seats in the room for everyone.

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Book a Speaker

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It’s good to have a host or speaker who can keep people entertained over the course of the night. There are a few different options open to you. You could hire someone who will host the entire evening and announce the prize winners. Or you could simply hire someone to give a speech which is relevant to your business’s industry. Whoever you hire, they should have something interesting to say.

Think About the Awards

The actual awards are the main event. You should create categories and then come up with some nominations for each of them. Some businesses like to make the awards comical to create a fun atmosphere. Or you could offer serious awards if you want to show people that you do value their work. It’s up to you. Either way, you’ll need to invest in some custom plaques and awards ahead of the night.

Buy Food and Drink

Next, you will have to think about organising the food and drink. When you have a lot of people to cater for, the food and drinks bill can be quite big. You can pay for it by having another company sponsor the event if you want. And make sure that you have plenty of options for everyone. If you are serving food, there should always be a vegetarian option. And offer drinks for people who don’t drink alcohol or who are driving.

Publicise the Event

When all the preparation work has been taken care of, you can focus on making sure everyone knows about it. Make sure that everyone is sent an email about the awards night and are asked to come. It’s also a good idea to put up some posters in all the departments of the business so that everyone knows about it. Make it clear how many people each employee can bring with them to the event too.

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