See the new ways cyber criminals are using to steal card details from ATM

We all know some of the old tricks cyber criminals have used to steal bank and card information of unsuspecting victims. But it seems they have developed a new method to steal card details from the ATM and POS.

On the streets of Vienna, a security expert found something straight out of your (financial) nightmares.
You know to cover your pin when you use ATMs, but how often do you watch out for skimmers that steal your information in one quick swipe? If you’re like most people, not as often as you should. That probably has something to do with the fact that criminals design these things to blend in perfectly, which means that they don’t garner much attention.

The next time you withdraw cash, be on the lookout for something like this. You can never be too careful.

The lengths to which people will go to steal from total strangers are absolutely amazing in the worst possible way.

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