Business Matter Partners with Lagos Forex Expo and Conference

125x1251st Lagos Forex Expo and Conference will be the gathering of the Industry Leaders to discuss and interact one on one with prospective clients

 Nigeria represents huge growth potentials for the FX industry with over 300,000 active traders at the moment and a growing number of brokers and we recognised that most local investors lack a proper platform to understand how FX and CFD markets operates.

The event will be full of seminars, tutorials and discussions by key industry experts where investors can get the skills about what’s moving the market, we expect over 5,000 attendees including Beginner Investors, Experienced Investors, High Net Worth Individuals, Institutional Investors, Investment Authorities, Advisors/Appraisers, Agents & Introducing Brokers, Portfolio Managers, Senior Executives of key organisations, Fund portfolio Managers, Investments managers, Analysts, Commodities Traders, Risk Managers, Researchers, Solution Providers, Accountants, Marketing and sales executives, Money market Traders, Dealers, Banking and financial institutions managers, Deans, teachers and students of finance department of universities and anyone who is involved with investments and financial markets.

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