Cisco and Facebook Partners to provide Free public Wi-Fi

facebookInternet connection has been the order of the day for almost everyone in the society and consumers will appreciate more ease of having this internet access wherever they find themselves.

Cisco Systems Inc has announced their collaboration with Facebook to offer free Wi-Fi for consumers in public places like hotels, or retail stores.

Consumers logs in to their Facebook account and instantly get access to internet. Cisco is to sell the network equipment and Facebook is to follow Google Inc, collecting data on the shopping and Web browsing habits of customers so it can offer targeted ads.

Cisco said that, at a hotel a visitor can check in without having to queue up at the front-desk. This is done by signing-in to your Facebook account using your smartphone.

Also, John Chambers, Chief Executive Officer of a hospital, said retailers could deliver tailored promotions or information to consumers who check in through Facebook when they arrive at a store.

Cisco said some customers of its Connected Mobile Experience Wi-Fi technology are currently testing the system.


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