Everything You Need To Open A Nightclub Business

Nightclubs are more popular than ever, thanks to the prevalence of popular music and the ease of which it’s accessed. People love dancing to their favorite tunes, and a nightclub is the best, easiest way to do so.

So, why not provide that platform? It’s a fun, rewarding industry to get into, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a go. Before you put on your dancing shoes though, you have an important post to read – this one!

Below, you’ll find all the steps you have to take in order to make your club a successful one. Music is just the beginning – there’s a whole lot more to worry about!

A wide spectrum of music

There are some kinds of music, like rock, which simply won’t fit in with this atmosphere. Your primary focus will be on dance music, pop music and a sprinkling of rap/RnB. So, it’s up to you to stay on top of what’s hot in these scenes, so you can deliver the best tunes every night.

Obtaining information on popular pop songs is easy – any local chart will tell you that. But you’ll need to do your research when it comes to dance music. It’s quite a varied scene, and you’ll need to play stuff that appears to everyone’s tastes.

There’s progressive house, future house, deep house, big room, trance… the list of genres goes on! In the past few years, it’s the first two genres that have exploded, so focus on those. Artists like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, and Sigala will deliver some varied beats.

High-end equipment


It’s not just the music that will create your atmosphere – it’s everything around it too. It’s the lights, the vibration of the bass on the floor, the … it all comes together to create a killer package. You need to make sure you have all these factors, done to a high quality.

Start with your speakers and sound system first – this is most important. Make sure your audience can really feel that bass kick in – that’s what makes a club a club! Your lighting will need to be programmed to follow the beat of the music, so invest in the relevant software.

You’ll need plenty of the aforementioned effects, too. These will build up and explode when the ‘drop’ or chorus kicks in, so use them sparingly for maximum effect.

Appeal to millennials, students and young adults

These groups of people will be your primary audience, there’s no question. The music is a good place to start, using all the genres and artists we listed. But how else do you do it? It all comes down to how you market yourself, and how you present the club when it’s open.

Your social media game plays a big part in this. Pretty much everyone at this age is on social media, so run competitions like free drinks and free entry to engage them. Make sure you post your opening times every night, so people can access this information easily.

Next, inside the club itself, you have several options. I’d start with drink pricing. Most successful clubs offer cheap drinks for the first hour they’re open, to get people through the door. This also makes people tipsier more quickly, meaning they’ll buy more!

Permits and licenses

Now for the dull bit! You have several permits and licenses you’ll need to obtain, including alcohol and music. To get these, you’ll first need to register as a business with your local tax office. This will land you a business license, then you’ll need to register for the alcohol/music licenses separately.

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