Find-A-Cop allows you to find the nearest police station

One of the major challenges facing Nigeria is security issue. While the government is trying her best to protect the lives and properties of her citizens, the citizens too need to be security conscious and also assist the police to report or curb out any criminal activity in the society. Though, most citizens dont know the nearest police station close to them, let alone the phone number to call during an emergency situation, others wont even go through the hassle of reporting any emergency or crime scene for the fear of being implicated.

Find-A-Cop is a website that allows you to have instant address of the police station close to you. Not only that, the website allows you to report any crime scene anonymously. With Find-A-Cop, you are just one click away to getting the address and phone number of any police station and DPO. You can search state by state, town by town, and location by location. Also, if the fear of being implicated bothers you because you want to report to the police, as an eye-witness to a scene, you can choose to report anonymously on the website, which will get to the nearest police station or officer closest to you.

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