Microsoft gears-up mobile devices with range of accessories

In a bid to enhance mobile phone users’ experience Nokia, now known as Microsoft Devices Group, at a media event in Lagos, Nigeria unveiled its range of colourful and portable mobile communication accessories tagged gears.

The accessories include car chargers, wireless chargers, JBL speakers, power banks, coloured headphones, speakers, Nokia sensorstreasure tags, Nokia wireless charging plates, wireless screen mirroring adapters, portable and affordable Bluetooth speakers with built-in mic, wireless charging stands, Nokia purity pro wireless stereo headset by monster, Nokia purity stereo wired headset, Nokia car holder with wireless charging capability, Nokia low cost wireless charging plates, and universal USB portable charger, amongst others.

Addressing pressmen, Business Manager, Gear, Nokia West and Central Africa, Mario Okonya highlighted the unique functions of each gear and stated that they can be used with Nokia devices as well as other mobile device brands. “With our range of unique accessories, customers can actually experience the innovation we put in our devices either it’s a mobile phone or gear. Just like our mobile devices, the gears also come in different colours and are available at our authorized distribution outlet, Ematic Mobile Solution (EMS).

“In creating our gears, we considered five pillars which capture consumers’ interests. These pillars include phone charging, connected devices, capturing and sharing, entertainment and personalisation. Each device is created based on our understanding of consumers’ interests and what they do often. People love to charge their phones when in the car on while on the go, our solution is our range of power banks/car chargers; also for entertainment, we have various speakers, Monster and Stereo headsets which can be used with Nokia phones and any other device” he added.

One of the most impressive gears unveiled at the event was the Treasure Tag, a device that can be connected to Lumia smartphones via Bluetooth or NFC. It allows users tag valuable items and issues an alarm once they are leaving the items behind. The device also integrates Nokia’s HERE mapping service so users can use their smartphones to track down missing items which have been attached to Treasure Tags. The tags can be used with iOS and Android devices as well.

Responding to media inquiries, Business Manager, Gear, Emitac Mobile Solutions, West and Central Africa, David Akindele stated that the gears are available at affordable prices and come with a warranty of six months and one year depending on the product.

Emitac Mobile Solutions is the authorised distributor of the Nokia range of gear in West Africa. ​


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