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There are fortunes to be made in Nigeria for those that grasp it – Allyn Cutts

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ALLYN CUTTS - PICTUREAllyn Cutts is president of the Cutts Group, the premier ‘Marketing as a Service’ and Reputation Management Company in the US. They have worked with and help companies in 100’s niches grow their online presences, from companies like… Mercola.com, the World’s #1 Natural Health website, to AmericanMedSupply.com, the #1 Medical Supply company in the US for AEDs, Disaster and Emergencies Evacuation supplies, to AbbcoBoom.com, the #1 company in the US for Boom & Barrier supplies for oil and other environmental disasters, to Fortune 500 companies like SaraLee.

Ahead of the 1st African Internet Business Summit taking place in in November, Business-Matter.com caught up with Allyn Cutts, one of the speakers of the event, to find out a bit more about his experiences and focus at the summit.

Can you tell us what participants should expect to learn and benefit from you at the Africa Internet business summit?

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Allyn will be giving two presentations… one geared business owners specifically, the other toward helping aspiring entrepreneur’s create a long-term month recurring income.

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What do you think are the top 3 major trends affecting Internet Marketing?

Realism & Authenticity: Even though we do so much online today, people still want to feel they know you and can trust you.

Social Media: You can literally build a brand overnight.

Mobile & Smartphones: More and more, people are using their mobile devices as the first interaction with a company or brand.

What challenges can a beginner face when starting an online business what are the possible ways to overcome them?

Today… Too much information. Information overload. Pick a couple of things and focus on them. Align yourself with and seek out a coach or mentor to help you stay focused and true to where you want to go.

Do you think Africa is a good place for starting an online business?

I think Africa could be the next big Internet boom hot-spot. I truly believe there are fortunes to be made in Nigeria for those that grasp it and run with it. Fortunes I Say!

What’s your general perspective about Nigeria? 

My general perspective of Nigeria – ‘Huge Opportunity!’ There are good people and bad people all over the World, just like there are good clients and bad clients… It all comes down to – Who do you want to associate yourself with?

Who are your seven closest friends, or people you hangout with? If it’s more income you want, hangout with people who have it, if it’s a better family life you want, hangout with people who have, if it’s a more spiritual connection you want, hangout with people who have it. I don’t care where you’re from or how you were raised, all things are possible.

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