I find Nigerians to be very forthright – Louis Brown (Real Estate Expert)

Louis BROWN-Cutout-ShadowLouis ‘Lou’ Brown has been buying and selling real estate for over 30 years. Having bought his first house at 19 years old he discovered techniques that no one else knew existed. He began sharing those techniques, educating others on how they can build their personal financial freedom using real estate, over 25 years ago. He became the founding president of the National Real Estate Investors Association over 20 years ago and has served the industry in many volunteer positions. To this day Lou is considered the foremost innovator in the residential and small commercial real estate arena.
Ahead of the 1st African Internet Business Summit taking place in in November, Business-Matter.com caught up with Louis Brown, one of the speakers of the event, to find out a bit more about his experiences and focus at the summit.
Can you tell us what participants should expect to learn and benefit from you at the Africa Internet business summit?

There are many ways that money can be made in real estate. I will outline the most profitable and show how it can be done here. I will also show how investors here can purchase properties or invest in the United States market.

What do you think are the top 3 major trends affecting Internet Marketing?
In the real estate world it has become so much easier for people to find, view, and evaluate property than ever before. Particularly in the United States where most public records are available online.
Selling has become easier as well as you can now market to a much wider audience.
And third would be the ability to find customers even before you buy the real estate and all of this can be done online.
What challenges can a beginner face when starting an online  business what are the possible ways to overcome

Credibility is one of the most difficult hurdles and one of the hardest to overcome with the personal disconnect of online marketing.

Today people are more skeptical than ever. They are very concerned about being scammed and want to know that a company can deliver on its promises. Legitimate testimonial and longevity are the hallmarks of overcoming this issue.
It is one of the reasons I created my House Monster (R) real estate system. The House Monster allows people to view your company and see who you are – even before you find them a home. Likewise you get to evaluate the customer before you waste time looking for a home only to find out later that they are not qualified.
Do you think Africa is a good place for starting an online business?

Online and real estate, yes! There is so much opportunity and so little competition. There is so much need and such a large market that if someone in best in the proper education and tools they are in a very good position to succeed.

What’s your general perspective about Nigeria?

I find Nigeria and Nigerians to be very forthright. They will speak their mind and not hide their feelings. The questions I have heard show me of being open-minded and seeking fresh new ways to succeed financially. We had a foster daughter for seven years who was from Gabon so we have experienced some of the cultural customs as well

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