How To Give Your Car Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term that is mostly used in real estate and means an attractive, instantly captivating look of the house you want to sell. The same term can be used for selling a car. A car with curb appeal is a car a buyer immediately wants to own. Learn how to give your car some curb appeal before selling, and when you’re ready to buy a new car, come and check the vehicles on Jiji to find your new dream car.

Take a good look

When you see and drive your car everyday, it can be hard to give it a fair assessment. However, you should try your best in giving your car a long look and deciding what needs to be done. Are there any scratches, chipped paint, rust, or corrosion? Can you do with just a good washing and waxing, or does it require much more work? If you’re struggling with getting an opinion about your car, ask your friends to help you decide.

Wash and wax

There’s nothing better for instantly improving a car’s look than a wash and wax. First take your car through a washing line or do the washing yourself. Next rinse the car to get rid of any spots. Make sure to dry all of the windows and glass surfaces to achieve a glossy look. Finally, use high quality car wax and a soft cloth to polish the bodywork of your vehicle and make it appear refined both in photos and in reality.

Use a vacuum cleaner

No matter how old your car is, a quick vacuuming of the interior is a surefire way to add to the car’s appeal when the prospective buyer opens the side door. Use a special car vacuum or your home vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust, pet fur, and crumbs from over and under the seats, as well as cupholders and other sections of the vehicle. Then use car wipes to further clean the surfaces – not only will the wipes remove the stains and dust, but they will also give your car’s interior a nice smell.

Check the engine

If you have a newer car, there is a good chance that its engine is covered with a plastic sheet. This sheet tends to accumulate lots of dirt and grease, which results in a messy look. Remember to clean the engine cover, and while you’re there, check the car fluids – it might be already the time to change the oil, engine coolant, or brake liquid of your vehicle.


Handle the scratches

Obviously, you’re not going to give your car a full repainting before selling it. However, you can significantly improve its appearance by covering the scratches. Detect the scratches, and if it turns out that they’re not too deep, then you’re in luck as they can be fixed with a simple clearcoat pen, which you can get at any auto store.

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