How People Are Making Fortune From Nelson Mandela Demiss

When the news of the death of former South African President, Nelson Mandela broke out on the 5 of December 2013 after a protracted illness, the world received the news with shock amidst mix reactions. While the condolence messages has been coming in and the period of mourning lasts, especially for South Africans whose President has declared 10 days of mourning, some smart entrepreneurs and organizations are already making a brisk business and making money from Nelson Mandela. crew made a research and came up with the individuals and organizations who are making money from Nelson Mandela demiss.

1. Newspapers and Online Medias– It is no doubt that bad news spread faster than good news. No wonder the press are always looking for such news to report so as to sell and offer something more “interesting” to the people. gathers that they have been atleast 40% increase in sales of newspapers and magazines that have reported the news, life and death of Nelson Mandela. The online media are not left out as well. There has been more readership and views on posts about the great icon, Nelson Mandela on blogs and social media sites

2. Television and Radio – Local and international stations have gained more viewers from people who want to watch the funeral and the latest updates about Nelson Mandela. International tv stations like CNN, Aljazeera, BBC, France 24 and others including local stations like Channels TV, AIT have been reported to have gained lots of viewership as phone calls has been coming in from the different shows and programs that talked about Nelson Mandela. More viewership means better deal for advertisers!

3. Sales of T-shirts, Caps, Mugs, Framed Portraits and other paraphernalia – Some smart business minds have used their skills and experience to ensure that their fellow countrymen and tourists get their slice of Mandela by making and selling t-shirts, caps, mugs, framed portraits and other paraphernalia. One of such is one Sbusiso Mlambo who made a total of R310070 ($30,031.61) within three days when the death broke out. That is N4,750,995.08 when converted to Nigerian currency. Mlambo wouldn’t have made that in a year! He confessed to have been selling T-shirts since 2 years and has never made such money.

4. Hotels, Airlines and Commercial Transportation:- Johannesburg has received Tens of thousands of visitors who have come to sympathize with South Africans. Hotels are already filled up, Sales of Airline tickets to South Africa has increased and even the Taxis and other commercial vehicle owners are smiling to the bank every day.

5. Nelson Mandela’s Quote:- Nelson Mandela’s Quotes has been flooding the internet everywhere on social media sites. Entrepreneurs are also inscribing the quotes and images of Nelson Mandela and selling to lovers of Nelson Mandela.
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