Keep Your Brick and Mortar Business Moving Forward With These Additions to Your Store

With E-commerce’s extreme success, have tough competition in the marketplace. While online shopping may be able to offer customers lower prices due to a generally smaller expenditure, shopping in person has a certain something that customers keep coming back to. This could be the personal interactions and high-quality customer service that you can deliver the immediacy of having an item as soon as it has been purchased, or the ability to see things and try them out in real life before handing over cash or card details. Whatever the reason for your customers’ continued use of your store, you need to ensure that your business is constantly moving forward to better satisfy their needs and guarantee their future custom. Here are a few top of the range products that will ensure the continued success of your tangible store.


Point of Sale (POS)


Your point of sale (often referred to as POS) is the location in your store where transactions are carried out. Most of the time, this will be a cash desk with a till placed on it. It’s essential to have a noticeable POS so that customers can clearly recognize where they need to go to complete their transactions. If they are left wandering around the store looking for a sales assistant to help or direct them to the till for too long, chances are that they will get irritated or tired, place the product back on the shelf and leave the store. Not only will you lose out on a sale, but you are likely to lose that individual customer too, as they will take their business elsewhere next time. Remember that many people purchase items on a whim. You need to take advantage of this and not allow them to have too much time to mull over their potential purchase, as this is the time when they may start comparing prices online, where prices are likely to be cheaper, as online commerce entails fewer costs to the seller. So, where do you start? It would be highly beneficial for you to consider investing in a . This is essentially a modernized and more portable till system. A detachable screen and payment device means that not only can customers come to the till, but the payment method can go to customers too. This gives your business unparalleled flexibility and is particularly useful for stores that have little spare surface space or counter space.


Sufficient Members of Staff


When looking to save money, many businesses make the fatal error of laying off multiple staff members. While this may seem like a simple place to cut costs, you’d be surprised at how much profit it could deprive you of in the long run. One of the most common customer complaints about in-store shopping is a lack of staff. If you only have one staff member, chances are that they are likely to be working on the till. This means that they are unable to greet or engage with your customers, recommending products and making sales. You need to ensure that you have enough staff members to meet all of your customer’s needs and also deal with busier periods such as weekends and festive seasons. This will also ensure that your staff base isn’t excessively overworked. This means that they will have a better temperament, and generally deliver better work.

These are just two different store additions that will make your customers’ experience of your brand more smooth and enjoyable. So start implementing these small changes now for the best results.


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