Lessons From the Champions League Finals

It’s no longer News that Los Blancos (Real Madrid) has lifted the 2017/2018 UEFA Champion League making them the most decorated side in the European elite clubs competition. But what are the take home from the match for us as entrepreneurs and business owners.

Below are some lessons I picked from watching the match which I think are worth sharing with you.

1. There is no Discrimination for Competence: Once you are in the field of football your size, colour, where you come from doesn’t count, all that matters is what you can offer. The whites never cared that Mane was a black man from Africa. Once he scored the equalizing goal for Liverpool everyone joined to celebrate with him. It goes to show that once you have a solution to people’s problems they will come running after what you have to offer.

2. Always Have a Plan B: The difference between Zidane and Klopp was that once Ronaldo was under Bale was brought in to salvage the day but injury to Salah spelt doom for the REDS (Liverpool).

3. Team Win Games not Individuals: If you follow the buildup to this champions league finals you will might have observed that must of the analysis was centered around Ronaldo and Salah. No doubt both have been at their best this season coming into the game with 88 goals from all competitions (44 at piece). But injury to Salah and Ronaldo not scoring shows that team efforts win matches not individuals. When teams work together they win together.

4. Mistakes Don’t Go Unpunished in the Battle (market) Ground: The blunders of Liverpool goalkeeper -Karius cost them a Sixth European trophy. First gifting Benzema a cheap goal and pointing in Bale second for the night. Though he accepted responsibility for their lost by shedding uncontrollable tears, he showed why he has been on the bench for a greater part of the season.

In business like the game of football to be a top player you have to be ready at all times.

Remember, when Preparation meets opportunity, Success is guaranteed.

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