Nigeria – Computer Village to be Relocated by Q1 in 2014

In Nigeria when you mention technology, Computer Village comes to your mind. Presently computer village is located at Ikeja, Lagos, but Lagos state government plans to move the village by first quarter in 2014.

Computer Village is known for the sale of mobile devices, computers, accessories and other related products. Hitech companies are also found in this Village. Computer Village will be relocated to Katangowa internet city which is about fifteen hectares of land, in Oke-odo area of Lagos state.

Before the year 2000, the present computer village was formerly a residential area in the state. Due to the privatization of the telecommunication industry and internet technology, Ikeja became a place where all these things are done. The name computer village was attached to that area when GSM services was introduced to Nigeria by telecoms users and business owners.

This relocation will be of gain in the long run but there will so much pains for many that this relocation will affect. Some of those working presently at Computer village, Ikeja made some comments on this new development.

A phone repairer, Mr. Peter Olaogun said that, “Moving to the proposed market will cause me to spend much more on transportation, my family and I already trying to make ends meet at the moment. What will happen to us when the market is moved to Oke-Odo.”

Mr. Ajayi ogunshola, a supervisor at Odims world Enterprises said that; “The government will definitely increase shop rent when we move. Again agencies saddled with the responsibility of allocating the said shops will look for avenues to enrich themselves at the slightest opportunity.”

But some others are of the view that this relocation will create more job opportunity for the unemployed.

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