Rubber: Type, History and Usage!

Rubber is a very useful product, which we humans use as various purposed. From a small ball to big tyres, several things are made up of this mineral. Before discussing about the history, let us talk about types of rubber. There are two types of rubbers: Synthetic and Natural. Where the natural rubber is made up of latex, Synthetic rubber is made by polymerization.
Early in the history, rubber was used by the pre-Columbian Central and South American people to make balls, shoes and waterproof items. Rubber came into light in 1525, when a European voyager saw Mexican tribes’ people playing with a rubber ball. Although, it was not noticed by the people, but still it was proved that there is a material can be used to make some news things.rubber

After discovering more about rubber, a French engineer came to conclusion that the mineral is condensed oil. Very first, the rubber was used to make an eraser. It was the first application of the rubber. After a while, Macquer suggested that there are several types of products can be made up of rubber. In the year, 1820, a British industrialist used the material to produce flexible threads in order to make accessories for clothes. The arena saw the golden face in 1845, when Thomson designed a pneumatic tyre and an inner tube. In 1850, the rubber material started using to make toys and hollow balls for golf. After that, the rubber is being used in various other purposes.
Two types of rubber are used to make various types of products. Natural rubber is a solid product, which is made up from a variety of plants. On the other hand, modern world is showing much interest in synthetic rubber. The reason is that the synthetic rubber is much flexible and remains useful for a long time.
The variety of synthetic rubber has been industrialized since the product is invented. Today, products like tyres, waterproof fabrics, toys, shoes are several other things are made up of rubber. There are several industries, which are providing the best rubbers to the client. As the usage of the rubber is increasing, it is enhancing the waste of old rubber.
Since you can’t burn the waste rubber, these companies buy the waste products and rubber and recycle them.

Sun Exim is one such firm located in Ludhiana, which deals in various types of rubber services. Since 1989, the company is proving the products made up of rubbers to the clients. The firm also offers the services, where the clients can sell their waste rubber to the firm. The waste rubber is recycled here make new products of rubber.

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