Teenager Gets In the World Record Book and Plans to Make Inventions Public

andrewAndrew Magdy Kamal’s world record is an IQ of 232. It took him less than 30 minutes and every question was correct. Basically his range IQ is σ8. 13 on the normal distribution, so 8.13*24+100 = 295.12. This means he is over 8 above standard distributions of IQ. Andrew Magdy Kamal, born with Aspergers and savant syndrome, may be one of the greatest child prodigies in history. His IQ average was 231.734, and he has been featured in Record Holder’s Republic for Highest IQ and Highest IQ average. He beat Tao’s average IQ world record. Currently he hopes to attend some talks and do astrophysics research with many universities. One of the people that confirmed Andrew’s record is Sababbi Mangal, the director of Mensa Brain India and the chief editor of Unique World Records. Andrew is currently having his autobiography being pitched to turn into a movie and is planning to attend talks such as TEDx or other events of that matter. One of the things that is amazing about Andrew is that he always tries to use his intellect to make a positive difference in the world and even go as far as changing the way we view physics. Andrew is also working on getting his inventions made including his idea of the virtual reality suit. When he launches his invention of the virtual reality suit it will change history as no other suit is close to its kind and uses 3D gaming enhancement features. His Virtual Reality suit was originally invented on 7/29/2012, The idea for the turso is to enable vibrations the whole chest, it also has ones made for the mask and for the armbands. The game basically encodes sdks and APKs and then reacts to them in the suit to bring on a fully compatible gaming feature, think of a virtual stimuli. This helps you bring more compatible features in gaming and even has 3D surround sound and an LCD remote in order to control the suit. The idea is like no others in the market and has see-through virtual reality inference glasses, anime control, VR turso, VR armbands and even virtual reality vibrations pants, to get a fully sustainable gaming feature. These features compared to the other ones in the market are more enjoyable in terms of gaming, because it can literally turn your environment into a virtual 3D world.

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