Scam Alert! Samarium Petroleum Product

scamFraudsters, better known as 419ners in Nigeria, are in every sector. Some use the internet to dupe unsuspecting victims while others device new ways to dupe unsuspecting victims through the traditional way. Below is a story from someone that shared her experience with a scam artist.

“My name is Ruth, I work for an investment firm in V.i… I just received calls from a man who introduced himself as engr Jude, he said he was transferred to NNPC Abuja ,he was going through his address book when he saw my number, he called out my full name and my position at work and asked how work was coming I replied him calmly and very cautious of the information I was divulging . I knew this man had my business card, either he had been to my office or he knew me from a friend. after exchanging pleasantries he asked if I was still working with my company in Lagos, I told him yes . he continued saying he wants to discuss something confidential with me that he works for Nnpc and they needed contractors to deliver some petroleum products ,he said a gallon of the product cost N100,000 from the company but he already has a buyer to deliver to NNPC who would buy 50 gallons for N150,000 each and we would split the profit 60-40. I pretended I was sold and started negotiating 50-50 he later agreed, he told me the buyer is an alhaji named usman bello galadima and he would call me to confirm if I had the products ready and he would be on his way to Lagos from Abuja to pay me for 50 gallons but I should contact someone in this company called merit nig ltd that they are big distributors for the products here in Nigeria, he gave me the name and number of the supposed marketing manager to the company(Mr. john abayomi- 07066891944 , 08023476802) that I ask him if he has the samarium petroleum care (made in Germany) and get back to him asap as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity .
honestly, I was bored at work and decided to play with these bastards so I called the freaking marketing manager and he confirmed he had the products , I told him I needed 50 pieces asap and asked for the address which he gave …315 agbara industrial estate along Lagos/badagry exp way, I told him I would call him back.
I called enjr Jude back and told him the products were available he said I would need to show alhaji a sample of the product when he arrives Lagos , he also said I call the marketing manager back and ask for a sample which I did, mr john abayomi said they only sell in large quantities and don’t have a sample to give me at the moment but he has someone in surulere that has few gallons but I would have to pay him for 1 gallon which is N100,000 I told him I only have N50,000 naira with me that I would balance him the rest tomorrow he agreed and asked me to meet him in lawanson surulere in 20 min. the alhaji called me with this number (07012761883 )speaking hausa, greeted me and told me he was on his way to Lagos to pay me cash for the 50 gallons and he would be in lag 12:45 it was 11:30 when he called lol. I acted I was already on my way and they kept calling to monitor my movement, I told them I was getting close to ojuelegba ,they sounded really happy and expectant and I was right on my chair in my office loling. I got busy at work ,didn’t have time for my phone in fact I left my phone for the cafeteria and when I got back after 30 min I saw countless missed calls on my phone. the alhaji called again at 1: 30pm to say he had been waiting… lol I started raining curses on him, he went quiet and replied with a Yoruba ascent saying “God will punish you in jesus name” LOL an alhaji? ok the other engr Jude called me immediately to confirm where I was and I cursed him too and that’s the end … gone quiet since then, sincerely they made my morning cheesy grin .

guys pls be weary of these bastards they have different formats and be careful people you give your business cards and numbers.”

This scam has been around for quite a while. They will call your number and say somethings about you and then say dont you remember me? That’s there catch line. Before they introduce a mouth watering deal. Needless to say if you are greedy you will get hooked.

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