Scope of the Supply Chain Degree for a Promising Career

We sure don’t hear these terms in our day to day lives, but Supply chain plays a vital role in making the necessities available for us. Supply chain is a network of interconnected businesses and supply chain management (SCM) is overseeing aspects of the “supply chain.” Every business involves an aspect of the supply chain starting from the procurement of raw materials, production to transportation of materials to the manufacturing process and finally to the final consumption. The main aim is to make this chain keep running effectively and efficiently while delivering customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

It is a kind of post-secondary degree offered to the aspirants who have done university, college or business school program which concentrates on the supply chain management activities. Well, there are 3 different types of degrees in supply chain management which are earned from a business school, college or university:

Graduation in SCM– This degree consists of general education courses in addition to courses that completely focus on supply chain management and logistics. Though part-time and accelerated programs are also available, plenteous bachelor’s programs take about 4 years to complete.

Post-Graduation in SCM– Completing post-graduation courses in subjects such as management like the MBA degree program generally includes business courses in addition to specialized courses in supply chain management. Though, Post-graduation usually takes 2 years to complete there are accelerated programs as well which can be completed in lesser time.

Doctorate Degree in SCM– In supply chain management, a doctorate program needs intense research and study. To complete these programs you need to give at least 3 to 5 years, depending on program length.

If you are looking forward for any entry-level logistician and supply chain management position then an associate’s degree can suffice the purpose. However, nowadays more and more people are planning to complete their bachelor’s degree as it is considered the most common and fundamental requirement, especially if we talk about higher level positions. If someone completes MBA or a master’s degree in supply chain management then it is considered the best option for those who are interested in leadership roles.

Earning SCM Degree

If you are interested in studying SCM then you can search through online and campus-based programs. There are end numbers of business schools offering MBA program focusing in supply chain management. Those who are looking for completing their graduation in SCM can also find numerous colleges and universities offering these courses. Just go online and see the list of the best logistics and supply chain programs.

What after Earning SCM Degree?

After completing your degree you can now go on to oversee different aspects of a supply chain. You can now work for any reputed firm in any industry or company or you also have the liberty to start working as an independent consultant. Let us discuss few popular profiles for graduates in supply chain management:

Logistician – Logistics managers or logisticians are accountable for coordinating and analyzing a company’s supply chain. They are managing each and every aspect of the chain, which include product procurement, allocation, distribution, and delivery.

Supply Chain Analyst – These people are also known as supply chain coordinators or project specialists. Supply chain analysts are accountable for analyzing, monitoring and improving supply chain processes. These professionals are the ones who predict how logistics will be working. They also oversee operations and give recommendations to make things work better. Many supply chain analysts are working for logistics services providers or manufacturers.

Transportation Manager – Transportation managers are responsible for the storage, loading and transportation of goods. These professional are there to make sure that things get where they need to go, also they are accountable for ensuring transport operates within the law and controlling expenses.


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