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Why Freelancers are Fantastic

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Whether you’re taking your first steps on the road to being a successful businessman or woman or you’re an established business looking for some expert help at the right price, you could hire a regular employee, or even learn how to do the job yourself, or you could do the smart thing and hire a freelancer.

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to hire an employee that there would  be no hope of fitting them into this post, but here are some of the most important reasons why freelancers are basically fantastic:

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They are Experts

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Okay, so there are a few freelancers out there who are winging it and hoping that they can pick up clients without the required expertise, but on average, especially if you hire freelancers from reputable sources, such as People Per Hour, and you check their credentials, freelancers are experts in what they do; most of them have one or two things that they do, and they do them well. So. if you’re looking for expertise guaranteed, freelancers are the way to go.

They’re Hungry for Work

Often, when you employ someone full-time, they become complacent, or they start to get bored with the job, and that means they don’t work quite so hard. You don’t really have this problem with freelancers because, if they don’t work they don’t get paid and if they don’t do a job, they don’t get repeat work. That’s why you see so many people flocking to things like the uber eats driver sign up process or spending so long perfecting their profiles on Upwork – they want to work, they’re willing to work hard, and they will do their best for you. Freelancers are hard workers.

They Offer Flexibility

When you use freelancers, you are more easily able to scale up or down your business depending on your needs at the moment. For example, when you’re starting out, you may need lots of help setting up your website, but once it’s up and running the amount of help you will need will be limited – why pay a web expert full-time when you might only need them once a week or even less? Or, when your business is going through a busy period, and you need extra help, why go through hiring full-time employees with all of the paperwork and expense involved when you can hire freelancers to plug the gap until the rush is over? No, freelancers are a much better option.

They’re Budget-Friendly

When you hire freelancers, you state up front the budget for your project or the rates you can afford to pay and only those freelancers who are willing to accept the terms tender a bid. This makes it easier for you to stay on budget and get things done. Of course, you should not be tempted to abuse this by offering ridiculously low payments because, if anyone does bid, they will undoubtedly turn in shoddy work, and you know what, that is what you will deserve because freelancers really are fantastic and they do deserve to be treated fairly.

I think now we can all agree that, for businessmen and women, freelancers are a real boon. So, use them liberally and treat them right!

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