What Clients Want From A Software Developer

You might just be the most talented coder in your area. That’s an important part of starting a business or freelancing as a software developer. Your clients definitely want to see some skills, but those aren’t all they want to see. Here, we’re going to look at how you develop with a client centric approach and how it earns you more money.

Customer focus

The clients have to believe that you’re going to do everything in your power to help fulfill what they want from their software. That goes beyond showing that you have the skills to do so. You also have to have that customer focus. You need to look professional, to communicate clearly, and to provide prompt, helpful service when they have questions they need answered. From creating a fantastic first impression to giving them all the post-purchase care they need, you’re going to have a happier client no matter what kind of job you do on the software. On the other hand, if your customer service and presentation is terrible, it doesn’t matter how good your software is. People won’t want to work with you.


You need a whole new level to make sure that you’re delivering software that meets those professional standards, as well. Tools like gtest manager help you manage your testing process much better so you always have a firm grasp on the necessary fixes, rather than letting the client find them. Efficient development processes allow you to schedule different phases in development and stick to those standards, too. Clients don’t need your slip ups jeopardizing their plans. So, be thorough in eliminating them.

Soft skills

Beyond presenting yourself and your team in the best light and being thorough in development, there are soft skills necessary to make sure the business runs efficiently, as well. Time management, being able to make time for development, for documenting, for corresponding, for instance. Empathy and problem solving, so you’re better able to imagine and solve the obstacles that your client needs your help with. A better attitude and personable communication skills, so that you never make clients feel like they’re getting in the way of your work.


Every professional software developer also needs a willingness to learn. As you’re likely already aware, the tech world moves very fast. You need to follow the advice of pieces like businesscabal tech and keep a constant process of training. Not just for you, but for anyone you employ, as well. Failure to stay relevant in the world of software development means you’re soon going to lack the tools that your competitors might have. Don’t get complacent just because you might be one of the most talented people in your field right now.

The whole service package needs to be on point, not just the software itself. Impress your clients, win their future custom, and see them spread the brand by referring you to friends, business partners, and even industry influencers. That’s why you want to be good at more than coding alone.

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