Wireless Charging from 30 feet away

Wireless ChargerA technology unveiled on tuesday by startup, Ossia claims to charge different multiple devices irrespective of the location in the house. This wireless charger uses the same radio spectrum as Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

The Cota wireless charging system was unveiled after six years of development and it was made known that the technology will be made available for users by 2015. A demo of the prototype of the technology was at TechCrunch Disrupt technology conference in Sans Francisco this week by the founder of Ossia, Hatem Zeine.

“You don’t have to put that device in every room. You just put it into one room in your house and it will power all your devices,” said Hatem Zeine, founder of Ossia, developer of the technology. “It’s like your Wi-Fi signal. If you can get a Wi-Fi signal, you’ll be able to get power.”

Zeine also said that, “For me, wireless means remote, automatic, effortless.”

This wireless charging system includes a wireless charger and a wireless charger receiver, it can be either a dongle device or tech integrated in a product like a smartphone or battery. The wireless device can deliver 1 watt of power at a 30-foot distance and it will serve an entire home and multiple devices. This was made known by Zeine.

The Cota consumer transmitter would sell for around the same price as a Wi-Fi hub, “basically $100 or a little more”, Zeine said.

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