World Cup 2014: Money Making Opportunities for Entreprenuers, Bookmakers

As the World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil, most smart entreprenuers are already making money from sales of different items, all over the world. From mobile apps created specifically for the World Cup 2014, to live streaming websites and blog, sales of customised jerseys of participating countries, World Cup fixtures, timetables and so much more.

Sport betting websites all over the world and even in Nigeria are not left behind from the money making opportunities the World Cup 2014 has to offer. Every bookmaker is trying to woo more football fans as customers on their platform this season by using celebrities on
their ads campaign coupled different promo offer.

Merrybet Gold Limited, one of the sports betting company in Nigeria recently signed Ace Actor/Comedian Mr. John Okafor (AKA Mr ibu) as one of its brand ambassadors, in a N100 million Merrybet Predict Promo.

Akin Alabi, the CEO of NairaBet, another popular sport betting website in Nigeria, also signed up Popular Comedian, Koffi in a new video commercial uploaded on youtube, at an undisclosed amount of money.

The whole idea is simple; get the average football fan who has a strong passion for watching football into placing bets on his favourite teams (countries) and make money from the bets if the teams win, or lose if they dont win .


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