12 Profitable Business Opportunities You Can Start in Nigeria That Requires Little or No Capital

Have you been looking for a business opportunity you could do alongside with  your day job? Now is the time to explore some profitable businesses and skills that requires little or no capital to start in Nigeria. Many people have tried this businesses out and are making lots of cash from it. These business opportunities can always be started anywhere else

In our world today, we found out that entrepreneurs (business oriented personnel) are more needed. If you look around you, you will find out that there so many needs in the society that are looking for solutions. Some of this needs have been explored in some places, while they are still yet to be explored in some other places.

You can maybe wondering what those needs that can be explored are, keep it calm. Listed below are some the businesses compiled by Business-Matter.com, you can explore to help satisfy a need in your environment even despite your day job.

1. Catering Services: This is actually a lucrative business for those that love cooking. You provide lunch menus for offices around you, can supply food and drinks to small key occasions around you.  Ingredients can be costly but  if you start out by doing only meal samples, then taking orders based on your samples, if your customers see that you are up to the task, then they can make deposits before you make available your services to them. After a while you can employ and train people to help you carry out the services.

2. Cleaning Services: You could decide to do this yourself and you could get one or two people you know who are competent to help out in carrying the services. All you need do is approach companies or houses that you think needs someone to clean the environment, then you charge them a reasonable fee and you either get the job done or let those assisting you get it done.

3. Consultancy: If you have a skill or professional training, then you can make a means by starting your consulting business. Help others run their businesses and get paid for it. But need to look out for those that will need your services and try to offer incentives to ensure continuity in flow of clients.

4. Day Nursery/Baby Sitting: Nowadays many parents look for people who could help them take care of their wards while they are away at work. This is also a much needed service in the society. You don’t need capital for this business, you could make use of your private apartment to start with.

5.  Delivery or messenger service: If you have a car, motor cycle or even a bicycle and you have the time, then a delivery or messenger service might be the perfect business for you. You can offer to pick up or deliver food, laundry, people, letters and packages etc from various places in your community. Charge a delivery service fee. You can also most likely get additional income if you advertise clients’ services on your delivery vehicle.

6. Event Coordinator: You could start with your family reunions, plan the event ,have pictures of the planned events and try to get feed back from non-family member that attended the event. Gather these pictures and feedbacks together, then you can show people around you telling them the things you can do regarding events planning.

7. Fixing Computers/Software Installation: We are in the computer age where almost everyone has a computer and get to have to fix the computer or need to put some software on the computer. You could get about 2 weeks training (minimum) in this field and make money from this business.

8. Hairdressing: Every woman wants to look good and we have a lot of the female species in our society today. If you are skilled one way or the other in this business, you can start up small and latter get necessary equipments as time goes on.

9. Reselling: If you have some fund, you can buy things in bulk (which is always at cheaper rate) and then resell to consumers around you. Just try to look around for commodities that are needed most by people, get a place where you can get it at a cheaper price, then make available to consumers at a reasonable prize. (If you need help or guide on how you can start the business of reselling by importing cheap items as low as N10,000 and make as much as N300,000 in profit every month, click here to get the Mini Importation Business Guide

10. Soap Making: Everyone washes one thing or the other, that means everyone basically needs soap to wash clothes, plates, toilets and bathrooms etc. Learning to make soap is actually not difficult and its a lucrative business. it requires little capital.

11. Tutoring: Many of us have a particular subject/course we love and are good at while in school. You go to parents and offer to tutor their wards in a particular subject at a reasonable fee. This business is absolutely capital-free.

12. Web Designing: This business is seriously demanded by the society.Almost all companies, individuals and Government establishments need websites. All you need to do is approach small businesses or individuals that needs a website and offer to create this website at a cheap rate for the start. You also need some basic skills in HTML and possibly SQL, there is a video tutorial by Business-Matter.com which can watch on your spare time to learn this skill. It’s a lucrative business. Once you have a laptop and access to the internet, you don’t need an office for this, you can work from your apartment. Alternatively, BrowseDotCom, one of the best web design company in Lagos, will be holding a bootcamp to teach participants how to start making as much as N500, 000 per month as a web designer without previous programming experience. Visit http://browsedotcom.com/wordpressbootcamp.html to register before the registration closes.

Hope you found this piece useful. This just a tip of the iceberg, check out for more businesses you can do with little or no capital and you will be amazed the great income you are getting form it over time. If you need a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start any of these businesses that require little or no capital, send us an email through the contact form on our website www.business-matter.com We have several business experts in the house that are waiting to help you for free.

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