These are the 3 places to experience a cultural holiday in Nigeria

Nigeria is a great nation with many intrinsic beauties that can leave one is awe. There are so many places you can experience the culture in Nigeria.

1. Calabar Carnival
calabar carnival
Calabar in south southern Nigeria is also referred to as “Canaan City”. The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language. The city is adjacent to the Calabar and Great Kwa rivers and creeks of the Cross River.
The colonial architecture which can be found in the older parts of the city provides stunning views over the city and the river. “The people paradise” is the name given to Calabar by tourist and the indigenes.
The great Mary Slessor’s tomb is a major tourist attraction and the Calabar carnival held from 1st of December to 31st of December every year is also an important tourist attraction that pulls crowd from across the world.
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2. Arts and Crafts Village Abuja
arts and crafts village abuja
The city of Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria with well developed neighborhoods and highbrow areas in the central district like Maitama, Wuse, Asokoro and Garki. Abuja is one of the most breath-taking cities in Africa, with plush green areas, terraced houses and structures.
If you are visiting Abuja for the very first time, you cannot help but notice its expansive rocky terrain. The Federal Capital Territory unlike most cities in Nigeria is well planned and organized. Its road networks, environs and housing are world class. The Aso Rock Presidential Villa, The National Assembly and many other major government organizations are located in Abuja.
The best times to visit Abuja is during the dry seasons from October when the rains have lessened, then you can have a swim in Gurara Waterfalls, at a little entrance fee that is overly worth it. You should also check out Abuja’s Arts villages just across Sheraton Hotel Abuja, Ladi Kwali Pottery centre and also Julie Useni Zoo.

3. Eyo Festival
The metropolitan city of Lagos is one of the busiest places in Nigeria, located in the western part of Nigeria. As a highly commercialized centre, it attracts lots of local and foreign indigenes day by day.
Whether you are a fan of art, culture and history or you are more interested in the modern attractions, Lagos has you covered. Some of the best cultural tourist spots in Lagos include the National Museum, the National Arts Theatre, Lekki Conservation Centre, Lacampagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Freedom Park, Fela’s Shrine, The Badagry Slave Port and The Floating School at Makoko.
The Eyo Festival is held in Lagos Island. Eyo also refers to the masquerades that come out during the festival. It is widely believed that Eyo is the predecessor of the modern day carnival in Brazil. No one is to wear hats during the festival.
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