The 7 Best Apps Every iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c User Should Download

In the mobile world, there are app developers and there are app users. With each passing day, more and more third party app developers are creating applications for the different mobile platforms. To find success in such a saturated marketplace, these developers often benefit from the help of mobile ad networks, like Appnext.

For instance, Appnext Windows Phone app development services can be very useful for Windows Phone app programmers, because it can help them effectively monetize their applications through the use of clever advertising techniques and smart targeting technologies.

As for app users, however, with so many different applications to choose from, it may not always be easy to know which ones are the best to download. Using the latest iPhone models as an example, the following are the 7 best apps that every iPhone 5s and 5c user should download.

1. Dropbox Online Storage – This is a cloud storage and sync service that keeps whatever is stored safe, but easy for you to access. Dropbox is a free app.

2. Screens 3 VNC – This paid app allows you to use your iPhone to interact and view your Windows PC or Mac computer. Conveniently access and control your computer’s desktop from bed, lounging in your backyard, from your sofa, etc.

3. Reeder 2 RSS Reader – This paid app gives you the ability to organize and save RRS feeds from your favorite sites. This new version of Reeder supports plenty more new sync services.

4. Shazam – This music identification app is easy to use and is free. Wherever you are and you hear music you want identified, this handy app can provide you with all the info you need!

5. Google Maps – This free navigation app is a must-have for any smartphone user. In addition to providing turn-by-turn navigation for driving, it also provides it for walking, bicycling, and gives public transit directions.

6. Flickr – Share the photos and video you take on your new iPhone with friends on this social network and view images of other Flickr account users. It is one of the easiest ways to share, store, search, and sort your photos online.

7. Kindle – A no-cost application that lets you read e-books and e-magazines that are available for purchase at Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. This app conveniently transforms your iPhone into a kindle reader.





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