7 Ways To Get More Control Over Your Manufacturing Business

No industry needs more control over everything from placing orders to packaging than manufacturing. There is just such a fine line between making a profit and spending too much on your cost of sale. There are many areas that you can look at to make a difference to your bottom line, of course, but some are more important than others. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at seven ways you can get more control over your manufacturing business. Let’s get stuck in straight away.

Focus on the system

Manufacturing businesses are obsessed with improving processes. But, you have to see each of these processes as part of a bigger picture. All your operations need to link together and align towards a common goal, whether it’s sales, production, or delivery. Try and develop better routines and plan well ahead to stop the need for reacting to problems that will arise each day. It will be much easier to do this when you are trying to fit your processes into the system, rather than the other way around.

Always refer to your KPIs

Key performance indicators – KPIs – will tell you a lot about your business and how things are going. It’s important to track these as much as possible and if things start to slip, act quickly. If you are looking for a way to link all your processes together, your KPIs are a good place to start. But, bear in mind that KPIs are only as good as the accuracy of your estimation. It can take a time to develop an accurate set of figures to base your results on. That said, it’s vital to start getting it right as early as possible.

Learn more about business principles

There are many different ways to view the production process. Not all of them will apply to your business model, but there will be one somewhere that suits. You have the Kanban system, for example, developed by car manufacturer Toyota. There are the Six Sigma techniques, too. You might want to consider learning more at a course and see if you can apply those techniques to your business. Even an understanding of the basics of different principles can help you find ways to improve your processes and get more control.

Focus on inventory

There’s a delicate balance to strike for all manufacturing businesses. On the one hand, you need to create enough product to satisfy demand, or you lose sales. On the contrary, if you create too much, it’s going to start impacting your profits because you are holding too much stock. It is vital to hit the sweet spot in the middle – something all great manufacturing businesses can do.

Improve productivity

It can be difficult to inspire the troops to be more productive in the manufacturing industry. In the vast majority of cases, they will be doing repetitive tasks, and there are often problems that arise from this. But, there are a few solutions to think about. Focus everyone each day on the task ahead, and split big tasks up into smaller chunks. A short, sharp meeting in the morning can help everyone tune into the plan for the day. It will also help you identify any problem areas, and you can deal with them before they become a bigger issue.

Look into your deliveries

Delivery costs can be enormous for manufacturers. It is vital that you ensure you are using the most cost-effective methods of transporting your goods across the country and abroad. In the early stages of your business, it’s likely that a third party company might be your best and cheapest option. However, as you grow, it might be worth building up a fleet of vehicles for your business. Again, it’s only good planning that will give you the ability to look into this in any detail.

Embrace Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement – or CI – is a way of generating ideas and introducing them to your business. But the technique is all about making changes in the least disruptive way. Change can cause havoc to any business, regardless of the industry. So, it’s vital to have a thorough testing process for your new ideas, and the ability to introduce them slowly. A steady introduction will have far less impact on your process, and you will keep a tighter control over your system.

Hope you have enjoyed this guide to getting more control over your manufacturing business. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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