Apple: iPhone 6 to have a 4.8-inch display screen size

iphoneFrom record, iPhone is known to release new phones every other year, and new iPhones always have a better feature than the predecessor.

iPhone 6 as been speculated that it will have a larger screen, a 4.8 inch display screen, a faster processor and a better camera compare to the predecessors.

An analyst, Peter Misek wrote that, “We think the 85M iPhones eligible for an upgrade when the iPhone 6 launches (we think Apple is targeting Sep 2014) could be boosted by another 5-10M from people who skipped the 5S/5C cycle”.

Apple has not said specifically if and when it will produce this phone, but it will be an added advantage to them if such a phone is produce with higher display screen size. In the market, some of the smartphones already has bigger display sizes compare to that of iPhone. Let’s just wait and watch out for new innovations from Apple.


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