NCC to Issue Licences for Fixed Broadband Services by 2014

NCCDue to the low quality of services by service providers, NCC has taken it upon itself to go into fixed broadband services.  It was realised that mobile services can only be used up to a point, a fixed broadband service will still be needed to backhaul data.

Dr Eugene Juwah, the executive vice chairman of NCC said the process of demarcating each territories for the purpose of issuing the licences has began. The bidding for licence issuance should commence before the end of the coming year, 2014.

“You can only do mobile broadband up to a point without having fixed broadband. We have come to that point in Nigeria today. You need to backhaul your data. The problem we have in Nigeria is that we have a preponderance of microwave backhaul in our system and this has created a huge percentage of quality of service issues,” Juwah said.

Also, it was made known that the fixed broadband services will partnership between the government and private sectors, this because the government is tired of waiting for existing service operators to go into the project single-handedly.



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