Microsoft Announces Office 365 for Non-Profit Organisations in Africa

microsoftOrganisations like the NGOs (non-profit organisations) don’t always have enough resources to implement recent technology resources. Microsoft has made available some of these resources to these organisations at no cost due to this fact.

Globally, Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Office 365 for NGOs with access to Microsoft cloud services. Nigeria and Kenya are the first two countries to benefit from this offer by Microsoft, but they intend to make it available for 90 other countries by next year.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, president at Microsoft International said, “Today we are donating to nonprofits and NGOs access to Microsoft’s best in class cloud based productivity and collaboration tools, enabling them to spend fewer resources and time on IT”.

The donation of the Office 365 for non-profit organisation is part of Microsoft’s 30-year history of community support. In 2013 alone the company donated $795 million in form of cash, software and service to 70,286 non-profits in more than 115 countries around the world.

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