BEATTRAFFIK Allows you to Know The Traffic Situation in Real Time

Lagos is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. One of the major challenges of living in Lagos is Traffic. You could get stuck in traffic for hours. For most civil servants and employees who live far away from their office, getting up very early is a daily routine that need to be observed if they must get to work early or they risk getting stuck in traffic.

In the last few years, several solutions have been created to solve the traffic situation in Lagos, both by the Lagos State Government and some budding entrepreneurs respectively. One of such solutions that was recently launched is Beattraffik.wp_ss_20150710_0008


Beat Traffik is a mobile and web application that provides user with live updates on traffic in their respective region. It is targeted at car owners and commuters in major population centers in Nigeria with plans to scale up across the rest of Africa.

I recently reviewed the site to see how it works. A user would have to input their location and destination to see the traffic situation of that road. You can also view the general traffic situation in the state. Beattraffik does not only allows you to see the traffic situation in Lagos, it also report any robbery, accident, disturbance or incidence that could cause traffic in an area.

As at the time of reviewing the site, live report is only given from Monday to Friday but anyone can create an account on the site to give their own traffic report in their area.

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