Compendium of 40 Nigerians Under 40 uses this compendium to celebrate Nigerians who have made marks in different fields without losing zeal to effect changes in their environment, some have excelled in entertainment, some health, some media, some advocacy, some sports, while some innovations but this treatise is so compelling that every recipient here must have contributed to the growth of this nation one way or the other.

They are classified as the school of new Nigerian Leaders, it’s imperative that we celebrate and consciously bring them to reckoning, so the world will know that a new order is set. with a focus on Nigeria’s international image, AIMS TO IDENTIFY and honour 40 Nigerians worldwide who are below the age of 40 who we can truly call the leaders of the next generation. The list is so exhaustive and it’s in no particular order. Follow our posts as we bring the list of 40 Nigerians under 40









Nigeria, is truly a great nation with good people.

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