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Dutch Communications Company, ECCOM, Launches New Product to Combat against State Surveillance

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Dutch communications company, ECCOM, in partnership with EncroChat®, has launched a new security platform product to combat against surveillance and state ‘snooping’ following the accessing of secure emails on Blackberry devices by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) with the assistance of a private software company.

Blackberry handsets were previously regarded as the most secure handsets available to corporate and private individuals largely due to their content protection feature which could be used to send encrypted PGP messages.

The investigation by the NFI had an 85% success rate in retrieving and decrypting emails from a blackberry handset [1]. Additionally, it is believed that at least one private security company has ‘cracked’ blackberries devices and is reported to assist law enforcement agencies across 100 countries in investigations [2].

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In the wake of the investigation ECCOM had discontinued its sale of Blackberry handsets stating “We have examined the evidence and conclude we cannot sell BlackBerry PGP phones to our clients anymore.”

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Commenting on the initial move to discontinue the sale of Blackberries earlier this month, CEO of ECCOM said:

“Recent events have called the credibility of Blackberry PGP devices into question. We simply cannot sell insecure devices to our clients. Citizens should expect privacy, especially in the wake of last year’s discovery of NSA spying in Europe on a mass scale.”

ECCOM’s new security offering EncroChat® is expected to replace the Blackberry as the most secure device available to private citizens on the market, according to the founder of ECCOM.

“We felt we needed to move fast to ensure the security and privacy of our clients. We’ve tried and tested EncroChat® and it can stand up to the strictest of security probing and forensic investigation techniques. We are more than happy to recommend it as a credible alternative to Blackberry devices and we are encouraging any sellers or buyers of Blackberry devices to get in contact with us so we can demonstrate its effectiveness.”

Some of the many security features of EncroChat® include:

  • EncroChat® Messaging Protocol – The electronic equivalent of a regular conversation between two people in an empty room.
  • Guaranteed Anonymity ensures no EncroChat® device or SIM card can be linked to a customer account
  • Self-destructing messaging allows the client to force wipe their own messages from another user’s device using a timer countdown.
  • Panic wipe features offers clients the ability to instantly wipe their device data with a PIN code.
  • Other features include a customized Android OS, Dual Operating System, secure Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, simplified verification, secure boot, tamper proofing, field factory restore, global service password wipe and many more.

EncroChat® is available to purchase now at

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