HOTELNOWNOW.COM: Another Hotel Ecommerce in Nigeria

You’re planning a business trip soon but you can’t afford to be disconnected from work. Or you’re travelling for and don’t have the slightest clue where to stay, and you’re on a really tight budget. How about the nights you hung out with friends but it was way too late to drive back home and the safest option was in the back seat of your c… (we hope not!)

In a nutshell, this is where comes in.
Hotelnownow is that brand that goes all out to get you great discounts on Hotel Rooms from 3,4 and 5 star Hotels across Nigeria so you don’t have to worry where to stay or what it costs. All you need to do is step into the sealed deal. Perhaps you’re a business mogul who does a lot of travelling, or you’re a freelance traveler who enjoys leisure outings. Maybe you’re a honeymooner or a holiday seeker. Hotelnownow makes provision for every kind of person and every kind of budget with our Hotel rooms starting from the discounted to the flat rate of N5,400/night.

Now you’ll ask, ‘how do I get these deals?’ Too easy.
Another spectacular thing Hotelnownow does that other Hotel reservations’ websites do not do is the additional packaged within the booking such as spa treatments, dinner buffets, breakfast buffets, movie tickets and lots more at no additional cost!

Call their 24-hour concierge on 01-404 1222 and the beautiful voices behind the lines will make your reservation for whatever location you desire and for whatever budget you want to work with. If you’d rather do it yourself, visit their site here.
You’re also going to ask, “what sort of Hotels are these anyways, that makes them so affordable?”
They’ve got Hotels, Resorts, Chalets, and every name you can imagine in the world of accommodation. Brands like Protea Hotels, Oriental Hotel, Transcorp are among their over 2000 listed hotels…and counting! Not only do they offer you cozy rooms, they offer so many add-ons included in the Room fee such as breakfast buffets, dinner buffets and more!

Hotelnownow makes it easy for you to seamlessly get a Hotel room ahead of your arrival anywhere. And the best part is the discounts which can range from as little as 18% to as high as over 60% off the original price. Beat that!

Don’t sweat your next trip. Call their concierge on 01-404 1222 or visit, and have a taste of a thrilling experience courtesy of the e-Hospitality industry to you.

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