Imagine Withdrawing From An ATM Machine Without Your ATM Card

Do you ever imagine the possibility of withdrawing from an ATM machine without your ATM card? Well this is possible now with the new PocketMoni from etranzact.

eTranzact has launched a new PocketMoni Mobile payments application that now allows cash withdrawals from an ATM without the use of a debit/credit card. This new service was launched at the in yaba last Friday in the presence of industry stakeholders.

Among other new solution is a better and improved customer support services. Below is a summary of the features experienced during the event

  • Cash @ ATM (get cash without a debit card): This feature allows you to send money to a phone number, create a special password for the transaction and allows the recipient withdraw without a debit/credit card at an ATM. This has been rolled out on all FCMB ATMs with plans for subsequent rollouts on other ATMs in the works.
  • PayList (recurring payments): With this service, you can set a payment – the amount, the date to pay, and the recurrence – then you can simply forget it and it gets done with the frequency you set. PayList will notify you, before payment is made, and then make the payments according to your schedule.
  • Faves or Favourites: Storing your most frequent or important billers and payments with names you can easily remember on a scrollable list at your fingertips.
  • Pay Bills & Buy Airtime at your convenience: With a list that is easy to navigate and with an integrated search function, you can pay bills directly to merchants available on PocketMoni. For billers to join the platform, PocketMoni has developed simple-to-use APIs, which makes this the platform of choice for biller payments.
  • Improved Customer Support; With a new customer service feature integrated, you can initiate contact with customer service in app, and with an expanded customer service team, you can quick have question answered and issues resolved. An extended FAQ section allows consumers to discover answers to the most typical questions asked. New to the mobile money platform are the integrated how-to videos that walk you through step-by-step the value of PocketMoni and how to load your wallet. PocketMoni will continue building its library of how-to-videos to give self-directed consumers prompt guidance on their mobile devices.
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