Intel Launches Online Free Learning Resources for Nigerian Scholars

Irrespective of the students age or class, Intel has made available a tool that will help all scholars of all ages and classes.

Intel is a chip processing manufacturer that have now taken interest in supporting education world wide. The Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace has been launched in Lagos, Nigeria. With this tool, students could access free and low-cost educational content which includes books, exam papers, videos, and podcasts.

Earlier last month, Intel launched this education solution at Kenya and likewise at South Africa and now bringing it to Nigeria.

Ertem Cidgdem, the regional sales director for Middle East, Africa said that, Intel is aware of the challenges faced worldwide in the education industry and that is why they have brought this solutions to help curb this challenges.

“Intel Explore and Learn Marketplace solution seeks to provide a resource hub where learners can find relevant content to boost their studies while at the same time give content providers a platform to share information,” Ertem said.

At the Launch ceremony in Lagos, the country manager for Intel West Africa, Bunmi Ekundare said that, “At Intel we focus on the best ways to deploy the emerging technologies to ensure it is relevant to all stakeholders involved.”

Intel collaborated with Rancard, an African-based organisation that provides cloud-based software for mobile content discovery and delivery.

Also speaking on the collaboration, co-founder and chief technology officer, Rancard, Ehizogie Binitie said: “We recognise education as a major challenge across the continent and believe the platform we have deployed together with Intel for the African market is an important step in solving this challenge, equipping both educators and content creators with the tools they need to create and distribute high quality educational content.”

Ekundare says that Intel still looks forward to collaborate with more stakeholders to help this project be of great effect in the education sector.

Educators (Teachers) and Students can access the Intel Explore and Learn Market place solution on Android or Windows devices. The devices must have internet connection.

Intel’s innovation in the education system is a great and welcome idea, lives will be improved through this, Kudos to Intel.

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