Kaymu Launches “Next Big Entrepreneur” Contest to Empower Small Business Owners

As part of its effort to tackle the challenges faced by small businesses in Nigeria, Kaymu has launched the “Next Big Entrepreneur” campaign to teach entrepreneurs about the online business and give them an opportunity to win startup capital.

Kaymu’s Next Big Entrepreneur is an initiative spearheaded by Evangeline Wiles, the Managing Director of Kaymu to harness entrepreneurship amongst youths.

To register, participants should fill a registration form after which a select group of the best applicants will be contacted for a certification training.

Speaking on this, Wiles stated,” Most businesses fail within their first five years of existence. Inadequate startup capital and proper training are two of the biggest reasons for that failure.  With this initiative, Kaymu will not only provide training but will also give the best applicant the initial investment capital”.

“This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in Nigeria to start an online business. We want to help nurture and grow the future of the Nigerian ecommerce market”, she added.

 Since inception Kaymu has been at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship in Nigeria with the creation of innovative campaigns like Kaymu Entrepreneurial Workshop, KaymuVarsiity and SME Saturdays amongst others.


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